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BF109G - 6 Erich Hartman I/JG 53, 1945


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This Bf109G6 was flown by Erich Hartmann, one of the most famous pilots of the war and the most successful of all time. He began his flying career with Messerschmitt Bf109s and used them throughout the war, during which time he amassed an incredible 352 aerial victories. All bar one of his kills were scored while flying with JG52 and it was in this Bf109G6 that Hartmann scored his only non-JG52 victory. While in temporary command of JG53 and based in Hungary during 1945 he downed a Yak-9, pouncing upon it as it escorted a number of A-20 bombers. Surviving the war Hartmann was imprisoned in Soviet Russia and upon his release he became an officer in the West German Air Force, his famous Tulip nose art becoming synonymous with the unit he then commanded, JG71 Richthofen. He died in 1993.

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