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Fire Brigade Black Clothing Figure Set (5)



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.(black protective suits) Details Fire Brigade (black protective clothes) In 2017 we are celebrating a small figurine anniversary: ??in 1997 the first NOCH figurines came onto the market and in the meantime the program has blossomed quite nicely. Meanwhile, we have over 250 different character sets and offer on 500 individual figures. That can be seen in any case. The set fire brigade includes five firefighters who wear fireproof protective suits. This consists of a black, knee-length jacket, black pants, black safety shoes and black gloves. On the head sits a yellow safety helmet. On the clothes are everywhere yellow light stripes attached, so that the firefighters in darkness are not overlooked and can continue their work without interruption. Two figures have a small, red fire extinguisher in their hands. The model figures, as well as the two contained ladders, are handpainted and in the scale 1:87. Content: Packaging Unit: 1 piece

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