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Oxford Diecast OO Gauge Ford Transit Custom AA

In real life, the Ford Custom was launched at the 2012 Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, when it was classed as a mid-size front wheel drive vehicle, a smaller version of the Ford Transit Mk 8.

The original 2.2 turbo diesel powered van is now available as a plug in hybrid version powered by a Ford Ecoboost petrol engine and a 13.6kWh electric battery. As with other Ford Transit models, there is a choice of two chassis lengths and two roof heights as well as being easily adapted for cargo and passenger use. There is also the choice of a 6-speed manual or automatic gearbox. Since its introduction, the Ford Custom van has seen one or two upgrades in its recent history but our model is based on the original and registered LG14 LPX from 2014.

Unveiled in one of the most iconic UK liveries, that of the AA, our 1:76 scale vehicle is resplendent in the familiar yellow and black colour scheme with mid grey interior and steering wheel.  The black AA graphics are printed on each surface, with additional graphics featuring the up to date contact and social media details. The (non-opening) sliding door on the offside would in real life give access to the roomy cargo area which is completely closed off from the cabin area. The customary light bar is positioned towards the rear of the roof.

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