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Locomotives From The National Collecton


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The National Railway Museum in York is the largest railway museum in the world, responsible for the conservation and interpretation of the British national collection of historically significant railway vehicles and other artefacts. The Museum contains an unrivalled collection of locomotives, rolling stock, railway equipment, documents and records. While many of the exhibits are displayed at York, the NRM selected Shildon as a site to house the reserve collection of railway vehicles and establish a National Rail Collections Centre, and called the new site Locomotion. This ensures that historically important railway vehicles are held in secure and weather proof premises and moreover, are accessible to the public for the first time. Other exhibits which are deemed of national importance and are part of the Collection are also on display or working at other sites around the country. In this impressive new album over 85 stunning colour illustrations depict the great variety of locomotive which form the National Collection and are owned by the National Railway Museum. Whilst some of the views, particularly of the oldest exhibits, portray the locomotives in static condition, the vast majority record the locomotives in operation either before they were secured for preservation or under the aegis of the NRM. Detailed captions throughout provide the reader with a comprehensive history of each of the locomotives featured. Britain has always been proud to possess one of the world\'s greatest national collections of railway locomotives, covering the full history of traction from the earliest days of steam through to the most modern. This colourful exploration of the National Railway Museum\'s comprehensive collection will appeal to all those who have visited the museum and other sites which are home to exhibits, as well as all those wishing for a vivid pictorial tribute to Britain\'s spectacular railway and engineering heritage.

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