Oxford Diecast Onyx Black Bentley Continental GT


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Oxford Diecast Onyx Black Bentley Continental GT

The third in Oxford's series of the sleek and sporty Bentley Continental GT comes in a shiny black registered 21 WO - a nod to Bentley founder Walter Owen (Bentley) perhaps. The interior fittings and seats are all black too. The exterior bodywork is offset with lots of silver trim including the radiator grille, the side skirts, detailed wheel hubs and the famous Bentley badge.

The Bentley Continental GT, introduced in 2003, continues to be manufactured today at Bentley's Crewe works and still looks good all these years on. It is classed as a grand tourer and if you can afford the £151,000 plus price tag, it is available as a 2 + 2 fastback coupe or a 2 + 2 convertible. As a note of interest, it was the first Bentley to be manufactured using mass production techniques, after almost a century of hand-built Bentley models. Nevertheless, the Bentley Continental GT pedigree speaks for itself so it is no wonder it is favoured by the rich and famous, including Royalty.

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