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Bristol MW6G Tilling Transport


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Oxford Diecast

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.This Tilling Transport liveried Bristol MW6G evokes public transport history. London’s oldest bus company founded by Thomas Tilling had humble beginnings. Born in 1825 in Hendon, Middlesex, at the age of 21 Thomas went into business in London using a horse and carriage which cost him £30. By the time of his death in 1893, he had become the biggest supplier of horsepower and vehicles in London. His sons carried on the business and the Tilling Group grew in stature over the decades until the company was eventually absorbed under nationalisation. However, sections remained under the British Transport Commission umbrella.

The Bristol MW (Medium Weight) was a bus and coach chassis designed and built between 1956 and 1964 by Bristol Commercial Vehicles Ltd. All the MW chassis featured either a 5 cylinder or a 6 cylinder engine with related chassis type designation. Our Oxford model is designated type 6, hence the MW6G classification.

Our release of the Bristol MW6G in Tilling Transport livery appears with a white upper body and roof and a pale grey lower section, separated by a deep red band running along the sides and the back. The front also has a red band on each side of the radiator behind the headlights above the registration plate 13 DLY. The red graphics on the rear feature the Tilling name and London EUS 7866 telephone number and detail the seating capacity for 39 passengers. The near side gives Tilling’s Chelmsford address with a sign behind the passenger door indicating the coach is on loan to Thos. Cook & sons as Agents. The two front destination blinds also confirm Thomas Cook status along with the tour in hand – English Lakes & Scottish Highlands. Sounds like a great holiday is on the horizon!

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